What is the warranty period for SnowDog?

 Warranty period for SnowDog is 1 year 

Can it be easily transported?

Snowdog can be put in the sled and transported in a SUV or pickup truck with ease

How much can Snowdog Haul?

SnowDog towing capacity varies depending on the model size engine power and type of surface.

What depth of snow can the Snowdog handle?

In Many cases the Snowdog can go where ATv cannot. As long as there is not a lot of water under the snow, SnowDog can go in snow up to 50 cm/ 20 in deep. 

What is the maximum slope angle when riding SnowDog?

The maximum grade which the SnowDog is capable of passing varies with types of surface (ice, snow, rocky surfaces, etc.). Generally, the SnowDog can pass areas, where a person could climb on foot without using one’s hands for additional balance. However, this is a heavy duty operation for SnowDog, resulting to increased wear of the belt and the continuously variable transmission, so do not overuse riding across hills. A long ride uphill also has an impact on the engine: the engine is lubricated by spraying, but the operation in a sloped position is an abnormal operation mode with potential oil starvation, which can also result in premature engine wear. Please refer to the engine owner manual for the operating incline angle limitations.

What thickness of ice is safely passable by a SnowDog?

Ice may have different strength based on its recency, purity and water salinity. The strongest is clean recent ice in fresh water with no noticeable under-ice flow. Other conditions decrease the strength of the ice. If this “ideal” ice is an example, the SnowDog is capable of supporting a human with as little as 5cm of thickness (as the surface pressure of a SnowDog is less than of a human). But water bodies do not freeze uniformly, thus ice riding is only possible at 10cm of thickness, since the driver should be able to walk on any ice which is traveled over.


Can Snowdog be used on public roads?

 SnowDogs are prohibited on public roads. As far as other lands be sure to check with the owners of private land or snowmobile trails

What are the types of grease to use for the continuously variable transmission/chain/bearings?

For the continuously variable transmission and bearings, NLGI-2 or higher standard lithium greases are recommended. To grease chains, use a wintertime spray lubricant for motorcycle chains.